Some Innovative Uses for Old Floppy Diskettes

By Zeta C. Donairee

Creative purposes of old floppy diskettes include the following: magnets, refrigerator, coaster, boxes, image cubes, as well as notepads.

For some time, several years ago, floppy disk holder pages as well as floppy discs were the primary means of storing computer data. They have now, nonetheless, been substituted with much more reliable systems. Although floppy diskettes are not utilized for their original intent, there are numerous innovative methods for you to reuse them instead of just throwing them away.


A very simple approach to recycle old floppy diskettes is to use them as coasters. This can be a really distinctive and fun strategy to keep your wooden or glass tables from getting stained with water scars.

Fridge magnets

You can beautify your refrigerator door utilizing old floppy diskettes simply by turning them into freezer magnets. Simply obtain a piece of fabric with a beautiful print, which can be used to cover the complete diskette. Then, add diverse adornments to make it more appealing. Instead of the cloth fabric, you may also use any kind of art paper. Then, when you are done with the designing, glue a magnet to the back of the diskette and also place it on the fridge.


With just five diskettes, you could make a box, which can be used to hold pencils, crayons, or simply about any kind of little item, in. Attach the diskettes jointly in the shape of a box or crate through zip ties, which you could pass through the openings at the base portion. Additional openings are definitely needed, and so with the assistance of a drill, develop 2 more openings on the left and right area of the diskettes.

Image cubes

Picture cubes are exciting and also entertaining ornamental things you can place on your bedroom table or even coffee table inside the living room area. Just get half a dozen pieces of diskettes and wrap each one with felt papers in the color of your preference. After that, glue them collectively to create a cube. Enable the glue dry totally before you connect on any photographs. Choose photographs you wish to display on the cube and trim them based on the dimensions of one side of the cube. You can also trim their edges in interesting approaches. Then, utilize a repositional adhesive to connect the photographs around the cube. The repositional glues will also enable you to eliminate or replace the photographs with updated ones.


A notepad which will not bend and is tiny enough to be placed inside purses or even wallets is also an additional innovative approach to recycle old diskettes. Just cut pieces of papers in accordance with the size of the diskette, and drill one opening on the diskette side opposite from the one which already exists. Strike openings within the pieces of paper in accordance with the position of the holes in the diskette. After that, connect the pieces of paper within the diskette covers by utilizing zip ties or key rings.

Old floppy diskettes might be obsolete right now; however, they needn't be thrown away. They are made from plastic material in the end, and thus, they're not very friendly to the surroundings as garbage. So, as you create ways to recycle them and give them new uses, have fun and be glad that you are contributing something to save the planet.

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