Nappy Cake Instructions And Patterns

By Diane Dexter

A wonderful and inventive gift to add creative flare to your next baby shower can be yours to give if you use these easy to follow nappy cake instructions to create a darling diaper display. These special ensemble presents the party with a centerpiece and the parents with a supply of necessary items for their expected arrival.

This special little gift will take between one and two hours to assemble from start to finish. You will need approximately sixty nappies which are to be rolled into individual cylinders and secured with rubber bands. This is the most time consuming task in the process.

Once all the nappies are rolled into cylinders, they can be arranged onto a circular platform and stacked into two or three layers. It is best to secure the layered nappies to a longer cylinder that is placed in the center of the cake platform, such as an empty paper towel roll and tied with either yarn or secured with a large rubber band.

Decorating your assembled cake is where all the magic happens. You may choose to stick with a particular theme for your gift, or decorate according to the gender of the baby. Decorating tips can vary by pattern but most can be used on any cake and are subject only to the creative whims of the gift giver.

Baby socks rolled into roses, baby towels or cloths, ribbon, and bottles are all excellent pieces to add to your gift. Pacifiers or rattle toys can also be added for useful and decorative additions. If you choose, you may stick with one theme such as a bath time or bed time to keep your gifts centered toward one need allowing others to bring pretty clothes or fancy blankets.

Many people wrap their decorated nappy cakes in layers of sheer fabric such as tulle to create the finished look of a wrapped gift. Securing the wrapping fabric is necessary to keep it properly together. Fabric can look messy if it is not tied and secured properly. You may use pins or hot glue to create this look, but take caution not to damage any of the nappies as they are to be used by the new parents and their bundle of joy.

Additional steps you may wish to take for your nappy cake have to do with how much you would like to add into the gift. If the gender of the baby is undetermined, you may wish to go with a neutral theme such as rubber ducky or zoo animals. Ducky cakes can include bath themed gifts and decorations, while zoo animals may include nursery layette items tucked into the cakes layers.

Decorate your cake as you like, and take pride in your finished product. These are simple and inexpensive gifts to create, and give the new parents a special touch to their celebration. Follow these simple nappy cake instructions and see your masterpiece unfold.

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