Alternatives For Ceiling As Well As Wall Texture Finishes

By Sammy Bamma

it is all about the details when planning a home improvement project. One of those details, the ceiling and wall texture, is one of those areas you really need to get right. Over 70% of your finish in your home is in the drywall. If you get this right, your project will look amazing.

Without a doubt, the drywall texture will give your home its character. You have a lot of choices with many different styles of ceiling and wall texture. The home can become a work of art and stand out among the crowd of standard finish.

There are many practical things to consider with any type of texture. Smooth finishes take a lot of time and expense compared to heavier finishes. Sanding can be avoided with heavier wall textures. What are some of these different types of textures?

With Venetian plaster, the standard procedure involves mixing texturing material like vermiculite or polystyrene with paint and spraying the wall surface with the mixture. Its usually requires only a single coat to be done. A combination of priming, brushing and texturing makes up for the main steps for this process, with each one of them being significant to the outcome!

A wall texture that I really like is orange peel texture. This finish is very light, and covers the wall or ceiling very well. The name comes from its appearance. It looks like the peel of an orange.

For ceiling texture, I really like knockdown. You can apply it by hand or with a machine. The key is getting it heavy and applying it in a uniformed manner. After you stomp it by hand or spray it on with a machine, you take a large trawl and knock it down.

A favorite hand texture of mine is skip trawl. With this method, you will dip a steel knockdown knife into a pan of mud. Then "skip" it along the wall. It creates a finish similar to machine brocade, but leaves a thinner type of texture on the ceiling or wall.

Depending on your home dcor, you have a lot of options with your wall and ceiling finishes. Before you consult a professional decorator, check out all the available finishes. 90% of your home is drywall. Make sure to pick a wall texture you can live with.

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