Protective Exterior Coatings Wall Coatings

By Jon Blogg

Until the late 1980’s the concerned proprietor faced with outside walls that regularly need re-painting only really had the pick of which particular hue of masonry covering to use on their home. no matter what choice they made the only outcome was that the outside of their home would need to be re-decorated every several years to keep it looking unblemished

As well as being expensive the work also took up lots of valuable time and effort which could have been better used with the family. For the elderly there is also the possible damage to their physical state of climbing ladders and scaffolding .

The late 1980’s witnessed huge technical advances in external wall coatings . The home-owner can now gain from using these exciting products on their own homes. One application is all it takes to give many years of trouble-free performance.

Qualities of Wall Coatings

In comparison to old fashioned wall paint these 21st Century coatings are :

1. Completely stain proof

2. Totally waterproof

3. Guaranteed Colour stable

4. Fully breathable

5. Very attractive

6. Usually guaranteed

7. Designed to be crack proof

8. Surprisingly Highly affordable

9. decoration eliminated

10. Always expertly installed

Shielded from:

• pollutionattack

• Fissures in exterior walls.

• driven rainin wet conditions

• algae growth

• unsound brick pointing or mortar joints.

• Baldstucco and tyrolean render

• Flaky paint film

• Extremes of frost in winter storms

If you are frequently fed up with regular re-decorating and the trouble of finding a good reliable painting firm you can now relax as you have finally found a answer to your concerns! Why bother with the hassle of house painting yourself when you can hire/contract/engage a expert firm to do the job for you ?

Just take care to obtain at least three quotes before you make your final decision. Never base your decision on price alone but seek to obtain references about the firm before you sign the contract. Finally do not pay any money up front and if in doubt seek help from someone you trust and who has your interests at heart.

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