Replacing Electrical Contact Kits On Switches

By Lou Prince

A light switch may require replacement every now and then. Faulty electrical contact kits may be attached to it and can cause damage. Some switches have old mechanisms and will need to have new ones to prevent wear.

Remember to turn the main power source off before starting on the project. Write signs on it that says it must remain off unless specified because someone is still working on a power problem. A switch will have screws on the cover plate and inside. Remove it using a screwdriver and take out the inner body of the switch.

Once it is out, take note of the attachment of the wires. Call an expert if it is fused or soldered together. If it has screws, remove them one at a time, leaving the ground wire last. Make sure you do not mix up the wires.

Take the switch and cover plate with you to the local hardware shop. Find a new cover for plates that have cracks on it. Look for an identical model for the switch. Sometimes switches can look exactly alike. Be sure to ask for assistance if you have no clue on what to look for.

When you go back to your home, go directly to the circuit breaker and check if it is not yet turned on. This is to ensure your safety while doing the work. Next, check to see if the one you bought fits the switch area.

If it fits, attach it in place. Begin with the last wire that you removed which is the ground wire. Take your time in securing the wires in place. Before covering the switch, take one last look and assess it thoroughly. Once sure, turn on the main power and test the switch. Circuit testers may be utilized.

Make sure that your are wearing shoes with rubber soles when installing electrical contact kits in the switch. This is so that incidence of electric shocks are minimized. Have a friend help you with the repairs and hold the flashlight for you. If you cannot do the installation on your own, always seek professional help.

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