Tools You Need For Puggle Training

By Kim Holtby

While training a pet dog is often deemed challenging, that is not supposed to prevent you from obtaining desirable outcome for there are a lot of measures you can take to obtain successful puggle training. Furthermore, there are also several tools that can help you make training easy. Eventhough these tools are nothing fancy or expensive, believe that they'll be of help as long as they are used properly.

Amazingly, some tools are not created for training alone. They can be utilized for numerous functions and in fact, you would have gotten them already when you shopped for your pet's needs before his arrival. One of these tools is the collar. The collar, placed around the dog's neck, is more than just a strip of material where dog tags that contain your pet's info is attached to. It is a great tool that can help you handle your dog better for it provides a handle for grabbing. Collars come in different forms with the basic collar as the most common. Basic collars can be used for training too nevertheless, if you want a distinct feature, like a collar that constricts on the neck each time the pet pulls, you may need to consider training collars such as slip collar.

Another puggle training tool that is frequently used with collar is the leash. This tool limits your dog as to where he could go, specifically helpful when walking outside. Obedience command such as come is also best taught using a collar and leash. Like collar, leashes come in various kinds too. It could be made of metal chain, braided leather or nylon webbing and comes in a variety of length.

When you already have the first two tools pointed out, there's one more thing you have to add to your record - dog treats. This one works as positive reinforcement. It could be used both as bait and reward; bait when presented before the command is given and reward when given after the deed is carried out. Dog treats could be anything your pet dog finds rewarding - small bits of hotdog, cheese, liver or banana. You can also make your own dog treats based on different recipes available. When using dog treats during puggle training, experts suggest that owners control the use of treats to prevent the pet from becoming treat-dependent. Praise and other affection reward should replace treat reward as the training moves on. This should not serve as your pet's staple food though.

These three tools can help you get started with training however if you have the chance to procure other equipment such as clicker and crate, that would be better.

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