Children Love Guinea Pigs and Guinea Pigs Love Children

By Peter Geraldson

If you've got kids, or at least kids over about 3 or 4 years of age, then they have probably already asked you for a pet. Today I wanted to explain why a guinea pig is the ideal pet for young children.

A guinea pig and a guinea pig hutch is one of the cheapest ways to get started with the perfect pet for young children. If you've never had a guinea pig before you be surprised to see how child friendly, placid and delightful they are.

When most parents are asked for a pet for the children they either think of a cat or a dog. Whilst there is nothing wrong with cats or dogs they are not the perfect pet for young children and they are also not the perfect pet for parents. Let me explain.

Whilst a young child may love a pet at 5, by the time they're 15 they will probably have forgotten all about the pet. Boyfriends or girlfriends, Facebook, music or more will have taken over from that cute little kitten that you bought for them 10 years before.

But the kitten, now a cat, will still be around. Your average cat will live for 15 or more years, some for up to 20, and the same applies to dogs. And one sure children have grown tired of that fluffy kitten you will still need to look after it for many years to come.

A guinea pig on the other hand will live for around 5 years. By the time the children have got tired of having a pet the guinea pig will be no more, and you will not be required to look after it for another decade. And if the children still love their pets then they can buy another guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are easy to look after. Their requirements are simple. A guinea pig cage, or what is usually referred to as a guinea pig hutch, is very small and unobtrusive. You will probably manage to buy the guinea pig and the hutch for under $100.

In fact I made the hutch that our guinea pig lives in, and it cost almost nothing.

Dogs and cats, particularly pure bred dogs and cats, can be extremely expensive to buy and feed. Guinea pigs eat very little.

Not only that but when you go on holidays chances are you will need to leave your dog or cat in a commercial cattery or kennel, and this is extremely expensive. It's difficult to just uproot your dog or cat, take it to someone else's place and leave it there.

But it is very simple to take a small guinea pig cage with its cute and cuddly occupant to leave with friends.

So if your childrens have been hassling you for a pet, by all means consider a dog or cat, but consider also the advantages of buying a simple guinea pig hutch complete with guinea pig. They make a wonderful pet.

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