News About Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

By Hellen Sharpe

There could be a certain amount of alarm that is associated with vaginal discharge during pregnancy but almost all of the time; it should be a standard thing for all girls to have. Naturally there is a milky, thin liquid that discharges from the vagina in any case if pregnant or not. This is often known as leucorrhea. But when the discharge is associated with a burning and itching sensation, and it has a fishy smell, this could be Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

Vaginal infection that's Bacterial Vaginosis is thought to be the most common infection in the vagina for girls in pregnancy. In the U. S. , there are as much as 16% of girls who are experiencing this during their pregnancy.

So what is BV? BV is an infection that is caused by the overgrowth of bacteria that's in your vagina. It is thought to be a mild vaginal infection but the type of bacterial in BV is a different thing from the common yeast infection. Yeast infection is caused by candida albigans, but too much bacterial anaerobes is the reason behind BV. Up to this moment, the gurus are still doubtful of the cause of the overgrowth of the bacteria.

These are some of the signs and indications of BV:

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy - white to grey discharge in the vagina which can often be thin

There is a fishy odour, particularly after having sex

And a less frequent burning and itching that's sometimes felt after pissing.

But there are a large amount of women who don't experience these symptoms. Having to treat BV is equivalent to the treating of yeast infection. Having to diagnose and treat this illness has similarities to that of yeast infection. It can be diagnosed by the doctor talking a sampling of the discharge and checking it under microscopic examination. It may also be diagnosed by checking the level of acidity in the vagina.

Receiving correct treatment for this disease that includes vaginal discharge during pregnancy should be a prompt thing as it can lead to more heavy problems if not treated. One of them includes pelvic inflammatory illness. For pregnant women, it can even cause your baby to have a low weight. There are antibiotics to treat them but the thing with this is that it can either cause your cells to weaken and die and or it can incubate the bacterial cells to make them more proof against the medication.

If you'd like to dump the disease and you are not avid of going to the doctor because he might relate it with sexual reasons, there's an electronic book available called Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom that gives you information of how you can treat it yourself. It is backed with five years of research and it's even proven to help treat the worse cases of BV.

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