Geared-up yourself with Powerful Pen Stun Gun

By George Harrison

You will never know when the bad guys will attack you. But instead of living in fear or staying inside your home most of the time, you can take action and get a helpful self-defense weapon. If you are in the market to purchase one, it would be a good idea to consider a pen stun gun.

Pen stun gun is generally 5 to 6 inches long, small enough to fit inside your pocket and look like a normal pen. In spite of its size, a stun pen can generate 800,00 volts even with just two lithium batteries powering it. You might afraid of causing permanent damage or death? There's no need to worry because these stun devices are non-lethal. The amount of voltage will only put out of action the attacker temporarily, just enough time for you to escape. The high voltage will merely cause the target to feel severe muscle pain directly, which will make him lose his stability and control of his movement.

The pen stun gun will work effectively if you have close contact with the possible attacker. The device's tip directly delivers 800,000 volts, which will penetrate through clothing and skin. The charge will hit the muscles and produce a severe cramping feeling to put out of action the attacker for a few minutes. Loss of unconsciousness may happen but there would be no eternal damages.

Aside from voltage specifications, one important feature you should consider in selecting a stun gun is the effortlessness of using the device. This will guarantee that you will be able to simply wield the stun device when the circumstances calls for it while providing you the handiness of carrying it anywhere you go. A pen stun gun can provide you these rewards. Just make sure that the device you prefer has a rubber-coated body to keep it from fall when handled. Having a good grip is important to make an excellent aim against any probable attacker.

For utmost defense, see to it that the device has a safety feature that pledges that charge lands only on your attacker. Check if the stun pen has a safety lock ability that turns off the fire button and keeps you from being unintentionally stunned by your own stun pen when it's inside your pocket. The safety lock feature is also helpful when the assailant manages to snatch the device and use it against you. So, go and geared up you a pen stun gun device and have peace of mind when walking alone down the streets at night.

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