Progress And Procedures Of Umbilical Cord Blood

By Adriana Noton

People have discovered that umbilical cord blood is a medical miracle. It can be transferred and stored until it is needed for Cord blood stem cells. It is a resource that can be tapped when other cures and treatments do not work. It can also be given to someone else that may be compatible. This can only be collected during the birth of a child. It can be stored for a long period of time.

People obtain insurance for their cars, homes, and even in death. But the latest trend is for parents to store the birth cells as a type of medical prevention method for their children. In many ways this benefits outweigh the cost of storage alone. Insurance is a way to protect oneself or others from a harmful future potential.

Should you feel that you no longer need the cells that you have stored you can give them away. You can be a good Samaritan to improve the life of someone else. If another family member gets ill and is a close enough match you might be able to use the cells on their behalf.

Cancer is often called the big c. It is feared because the chances that people survive the disease is slim. When you have cells in storage you chances of survival have increased. You will save time and money from waiting for a donor match. They can be used right away when you are at your healthiest.

The location that stores your cells must maintain proper standards and procedures. Otherwise they will not be in any condition to be used later. You will have wasted your money for nothing. The right temperature is needed. They will need to make sure that there is a backup source of power that does not ever go out. The vials should be sterile and clean.

The type of birth can have an affect on how much is actually retained. Vaginal births will always produce the greatest amount of cells for storage. Cesarean sections or other birthing complications will produce smaller results. The greatest emphasis is on saving the life of the child and mother. After this is done then cell storage is considered.

The biggest concern that most people have is the validity or expiration date of the cells. Currently there is no date that cells cannot be used as long as they are stored properly. There are cases where viable cells have been used successfully which were stored for many decades. The older people get the greater chance that they will need their cells.

Umbilical cord blood has many medical benefits. There is no price that one can place on health. As advancements in medicine continues to appear it is an advantage for those that have access to these cells in the fight against many top diseases. For some it can mean the difference between life and death. It can also increase and improve the quality of life depending on the way they are used. If you want to take a proactive decision in the health of your child then banking their birth cells and blood is an option that you will want to consider.

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