Child Custody Risks and Rewards

By Nick Schultz

When it comes to the keeping of a child or kids after a divorce, there are plenty of risks and rewards involved. If the 2 folks, regardless of their differences can work together, things become miles better for all concerned. But for those who can't there are numerous hazards concerned. Here is a list of some of the child custody risks and rewards.

1.Parent Alienation Syndrome- For many moms and pops, they've got a certain way that they do things and certain ideas as to the simplest way to raise a kid. If there is animosity between the folks, this can cause parent alienation syndrome, which fundamentally implies that one parent has a tendency to drop out of the image of raising the children. While this could presumably be a plus so far as not having to deal with a doubtless abusive previous partner, for a lot of people this is a major negative as the kids lose the influence of that parent and the aid of an extra viewpoint.

2.Child Support- This can be a stipulated in some states, particularly if the parent with custody of the kid or youngsters is on state assistance, but the formulas and rules that child support are ruled by are barely really handy and excepting the bit where one spouse is paying, the use of that money is very rarely queried. The cash nearly always should be paid, even when visitation isn't being given as court ordered. This could work all ways however and if an ex knows how enough to manipulate the system, they can find ways to still get visitation without paying child support. This glaringly then works against the parent that has custody of the kids.

3.Single Parent Struggles- Being a single parent can be exceedingly tough for both the parent with custody and the one without. The one with custody may envy the parent without for having more spare time and the power to do more of what they what when they desire, but the parent without custody might happily give all that liberty up simply to spend some more time with the kids that they love dearly. Ideally moms and pops live a fair distance from each other and may be able to help one another out and give one another breaks from and additional time with the children as required. Being a single parent is never a straightforward thing, and while the stigma attached to it has lessened significantly over the past few decades, it's still a struggle to balance everything, on each side. Keep this under consideration the next time your ex is driving you crazy.

Having custody of your kid or kids is different for everybody, and being on the other end of the stick is the same way. Remember that nothing that occurred in your relationship was the child's fault and that to your kids, every time you bad mouth your ex, you're bad mouthing their mom or pop, and denigrating part of their self-image too. You may not entirely agree with everything they do, and vice versa, but you are the folks now. Act like one.

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