The Benefits of Flashlight Stun Gun

By George Harrison

Do you live in dangerous place, no security at all every time you arrive home late at night? If so, then you need to buy a gun in self defense, a selection of pepper spray and a stun gun to make a checklist. Sometimes the pepper spray is not enough to ward off attackers and has not noticed that your pepper spray is already empty, something more sustainable and practice is what you are looking for. Pepper spray is one of forfeiture, the sprayer can be damaged, and you should buy a new one after a year or two. In the market for non-lethal self defense, stun gun flashlight can be a good choice and save your life.

Stun gun flashlight is like hitting a bird in one stone, because you get two functions into one. The elegant appearance disguises weapons that may seem, it's just a flashlight, because it resembles an ordinary flashlight. The three super bright light emitting diodes (LEDs) are several times brighter than your average flashlight bulb. You can use it as a flashlight while walking to the parking lot or walking your dog at night, it is always good to have a flashlight, if the car breaks down and leave you all night. You can use it to shine directly on your eyes makes attackers' poor visibility, preventing the vision of the attacker.

The crunch of the ultra-responsible flashlight stun can cause a "do not mess with my silly" message to deter the aggressor, intruders and other criminals to carry out their dastardly plans and must stay away from humans and animals. But if that does not work when activated stunning undoubtedly do the trick. With an output voltage of 2.9 million volts, is a very powerful threat.

We found that the flashlight stun gun is very easy to use and well suited for small hands. It is easy to carry wherever you go. The operation is controlled by a switch that activates the flash. The function I found was more accommodating on the button to activate the big red button at the top of the flashlight to activate the stun. For security reasons, a switch is placed in the bottom of the unit that controls the power of the stun gun.

Flashlight Stun Gun is rechargeable; it is highly recommended that the internal batteries are charged for 8-10 hours before first use. The torch is connected to any 110-volt outlet to power the charging process that is easy to download. He holds office for a maximum of three months, but it is recommended that if you use the time you should recharge every two months.

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