Ideas for decorating a boys bedroom

By Paul Pavitt

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger have served your child well thru his baby years, they've been gnawed on till thread bare and they have watched over him in his nursery whilst he has slept. As he enters his toddler years he's starting to use his imagination more creatively and whilst his sister is probably having dreams about being a fairy story princess, probabilities are he's in no hurry to be Prince Charming to her best friends Cinderella. He is probably having dreams of growing up to be something much more manly like an astronaut; train driver, fireman or racing automobile driver and wishing his pop could purchase him an auto that really talks just like Lightning McQueen.

Creating a space for your kid to spend time in playing, that is both engaging and ministers to his creative imagination is straightforward with wall transfers and decorations. Their straightforwardness of application and removal suggests that as he develops new concepts and dreams, his personal space can be re-created time and again.

For example: - For the blooming astronaut, the Huge Space range of these wall transfers, are a superb way of making the semblance of being in outer space. A feature wall in his room with a dark base colour is the perfect backdrop for the brightly coloured spaceships, stars and planets. A child's imagination knows no bounds and a wall like this may compliment both his toys and room furnishings. In this case, a round lampshade could act as another planet or the moon in his mind's eye.

Children can be very demanding and when you break the news to your boy delicately that Lighting McQueen is unique and daddy can't purchase him, suddenly you are bombarded with requests for each item in the shops that picture the car he has dreamed he will own but has lost.

Furnishings like duvet covers, curtains, lampshades and mats are a perfect example of doing this, however they can be costly and having all these in one room would feel very overbearing. Boy's wall stickers are a perfect way of complimenting even one of these items, they are cost effective and can be applied in a way complimentary to the furniture and other items, in a way that creates a much more appealing and entertaining place to play.

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