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By Amir Corner

Just about any garden can be developed more appealing if you ever plant a fruit tree. During the spring, the vacant branches of the winter turn into magical sticks that flourish and become filled with delicious fruits later on.

Don't fret, there is nothing secret and mysterious about cultivating fruit trees. Keeping the trees in good shape can be due to a few simple processes that anyone can do.

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Safeguard the trees, particularly the young ones by putting in a net around their base. This kind of solution prevents rats and rabbits from destroying the tree. Those hungry animals frequently try to feed from the tree during the winter, as their usual daily resource of food is often limited during winter.

If the garden is getting plenty of snow, the trunks of young fruit trees in particular should be painted with a white latex paint diluted 50% with water. This will stop the trunk heating up in the rays of reflected sun light and causing damage.. At night time, the frosty air will surround the trunk and it will often crack it. This can be a dangerous situation, since those cracks are perfect places for insects that can eat your tree alive.

As winter converts to spring, you can try a bit of pruning preferably on a calm day when the air temperature is at least 4 deg C. Provide them with an agreeable shape while using garden shears. Make some incisions to open the crown of the tree and to fix the horizontal branches from about 10 to 15 centimeters.

Always take away the sick and dead branches and remember to try and make a clean cut. Cut the shoots right after they are established. The limbs that grow out horizontally really should be left uncut as you will be looking for these to bear fruit. The vertical branches need to be cut back to the same length as the horizontal branches because a symmetrical tree will produce the most fruit.

Be sure you soak these trees. If you'd like healthy crops, you must water the trees to ensure that they grow strong and can resist the harmful insects and the diseases, particularly when the buds start to grow. The key to having a heavy crop of fruit on your tree is to keep on watering.

Branches are often encouraged to grow straight by utilizing supports. Make sure the horizontal limbs don't shade each other therefore not receive the most amount of light and bear more fruit. The fruit bearing possibilities of your trees can be increased by using a device that will physically open out the tree; another way of doing this is by roping your trees together. The tree should not be interfered with in this manner before the age of four however.

Pollination is the most important aspect of the growing procedure. While your fruits are typically growing, you can increase its efficiency by applying a special substance (usually available from your local store) to the trees that lures the bees. It is recommended to add this to the trees only right after sundown, or in the early morning hours.

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