Newborn Babies and Safety at Home

By Tilly Marie

There are few things that ever become more important to a family than a baby. The newborn is the pride and joy, and a huge source of happiness for its family members. It goes without saying that childproofing is a huge priority.

Preparing the home for the baby is something that should be done well in advance of the expected due date of the child. Doing this in advance will allow the family to double check each room and make sure that no steps have been skipped in ensuring that the home is safe. It would be horrible if this were overlooked, and the family then had to hurry through the childproofing process.

We all know that some tasks and chores are more fun than ever, and when a new baby is on the way, these could include shopping for baby furniture or name brand baby clothes and toys. Childproofing may seem like more of a duty than a pleasure, but it is so important. This may be the reason why some people decide to hire professionals in order to make sure that their home is as safe as humanly possible for the baby, even though they could do it themselves by following an ordered list of chores.

The first order of business is to find and identify the most dangerous things in the home, such as machines and appliances. Irons, ovens, heaters, stoves and similar items can burn an unattended child, while bath tubs and refrigerators have their own unique dangers. These items should either be put away, locked, or protected from the baby, in order to ensure the maximum level of safety.

Electrical access points are the next. Electrical sockets can easily be poked at by a child holding a toy, or even using the finger, and get electrocuted. Electrical cables can entangle and choke the child if the baby crawls into a writhing mass of wires that are unkept and exposed. To avoid these problems, wires should be neatly kept hidden, away from easy access, and sockets that are open and unused should have socket blockers that cannot be easily pulled off by a child.

While the attention of an adult is the best safeguarding device, there are some further precautions that will help around the house. Stairways need to be blocked off, and furniture should be fitted with protective cushions to make sure the baby does not fall on any sharp corners. Any cabinets that contain locking doors should be locked with the key.

These tips are just a handful of the many others that can be done to ensure child safety.

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